THE FEARLESS AUDITION® is a workshop aimed at preparing actors to conquer audition jitters and win the role! In short, it enables actors to become confident and well prepared in nailing the “scary” audition and getting the job.

The workshop will address the following topics:

  • How to approach a song from both a musical perspective and a dramatic perspective;
  • How to pick a 16 bar cut (excerpt) for an audition;
  • How to properly warm-up – combining vocal exercises and dramatic intentions.
  • How to develop good rehearsal techniques so that you don’t lose your voice (marking, sight reading music)
  • How to get rid of tension when auditioning and become more assured during your audition.
  • How to prepare the music to give to the pianist. Items discussed include: how to mark the tempo changes in the music; how to mark the cuts in the music; how to tape the music together; how to insert the proper cues for the pianist to follow.
  • How to “speak” to the pianist in the room – the proper etiquette in dealing with the pianist

In short, the workshop will help enable the actor to become confident and well prepared in nailing the audition and getting the job!

It is taught by Steven Silverstein, who is a New York based vocal coach, accompanist, conductor, composer, audition pianist and teacher. He is featured as part of the book: Voice Teachers and Vocal Coaches of New York: The One and Only Guide.

In addition to the above topics covered, Steven will individually coach each student in front of the class and will address any specific problem the student might have.

The workshop is structured, either as a one- or two- day workshop so that students can participate according to their own individual needs.

On May 7 & 8, 2005, Steven taught such a workshop near Seattle, WA entitled The Fearless Audition®. The participants were passionate musical theater students ranging in age from 14-39.

After the workshop, some of the students said:

“This workshop helped me … mentally and physically connect to my lyrics.”

“I learned what underlying intentions are.”

“The workshop was fun and informative.”

“Steven does not just teach, he listens as well and empowers the students.”

“He is funny and perceptive.”

References available upon request.

Cost of the workshop depends on the number of participants.

If you would like more information or have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]. I’ll be happy to hear from you.