What if you have an audition or callback to prepare for in the next 24 hours? Where do you start? What if you just can’t find that right song in the right style to fit you?

I am your one best source to give you the poise and capability to get that next musical role. Flexible and professional coaching at moderate rates no matter what your skill or experience or age.

Here are some of the features of the services I provide:

  • Create last minute 16 bar cuts or shortened audition pieces to show off dramatic and musical strengths.
  • Create rapid vocal demos for casting agents and producers using a variety of recording technologies.
  • Provide full piano arrangements, instrumental recordings for practice and audition, and customized sheet music.
  • Knack for selecting the right song for each actor’s need from my vast knowledge and library of sheet music.

"…I always go to Steve for audition prep. He’s got great taste and makes it fast and easy. He whipped up a really fun arrangement of DON’T GET AOUND MUCH ANYMORE for me … we figured out a silly new ending and he printed it up right there. The audition accompanyist, with perfectly printed music, had no problem at all following it. He rocks! …" — John Hickok (Most recently “Pool Boy” at Barrington Stage and Broadway’s Aida)

"Steven is a brilliant arranger and musical director. He has a way of getting the best out of every performer. His keen ear helps you to find the best 16, even 8 bars to show off the best you. Plus, he’s fun!" — John Treacy Egan (Upcoming Sister Act on Broadway; as well as The Producers; Little Mermaid; Bye Bye Birdie and Jekyll and Hyde)