I get real satisfaction from collaborating with a wide range of lyricists. The songs that are born from these collaborations come to life in their own unique ways. You’ll want to collaborate with me after you’ve listened to my songs:

  • Published composer for children’s musicals, cabaret, podcasts, stage, television, film and more
  • Writes with a dramatic flair and a strong gift for melody in a multitude of styles.
  • Successful collaborator with many different lyricists including:

Blake Hackler

Michael Colby

Drew Fornarola

David John Madore

Danielle Trzcinski

Barbara Campbell

Andrew Zachary Cohen

Stephen Cole

David Arthur

Award winning actress Ruth Williamson

Lorraine Kollar

Betsy Hirsch

Award winning writer Peter Brash



“Steven never ceases to amaze me with his versatility. He’s created two original compositions/recordings for my storytelling podcast RISK. Both songs are under a minute long, but manage to create whole story-worlds of their own. One is a full-throated, fully-orchestrated song about spiritual conversion that has real driving force while managing to get in a few great wisecracks. The other is a sort of Tarantella I believe, with mandolins and old world atmosphere. Both are gorgeous duets recorded with remarkable singers. Steven is a wonder-worker!
— Kevin Allison


  • He is perhaps best known as a writing and performing member of The State on MTV.

“Steven Silverstein is a wonderful collaborator. I hadn’t written a song lyric since I was in the BMI Workshop in 1980. Lyric writing has never been easy for me (probably why I gave it up almost 30 years ago), but Steven took me by the hand and led me back into that dark, labyrinthine lyric-writing tunnel. Thank God, he brought a very bright torch with him or I never would have found my way! Not only is he a gifted composer, he’s a gift to a lyricist. He has unerring musical instinct, a true ear for melody, and the way he scores patter — he can really land a joke! (He’s also a brilliant accompanist. Attention performers — you’re in very good hands with Steven.) I just wish I could write lyrics as fast and flawlessly as he writes music. Bravo, Steven!” — Peter Brash