Played piano for this wonderful premiere event!   Various assorted artists who work at New World Stages performed wonderful short original plays and some wonderful solos.    Performers included Elsaa Batista, Steven Brandt, Sarah Brenner, Duncan Burgin, Kiet Tai Cao, Christina Cataldo, Arlene Cico-Lugo, Michael Coco, Carolyn Duffield, Adrienne Lovette, Michael Rohrer, Kane Prestenback, Colleen Harris, Kyle Johnson, Staci Jo Johnson, JC Madriz, Joan Mitchell, Steen Northrup, Emmanuel Pinkhasov, Chris Rios, Anne Staler, Ashleigh Walsh, Jason Michael Miller, Drew Little. Hosted by Michelle Fraioli.  Book by Justin Ayer, Rob Benson, Sarah Brenner, Bryant Hernandez, Rebecca Scolnick.  Directed by Danny Armando, Erin Depalma, Molly Mermelstein, Alex Moreno and Andy Scannell.